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OPES Solutions supplies solar modules for over 100,000 rental bicycles

Berlin, June 06, 2018 – OPES Solutions, a leading supplier of off-grid solar modules, will deliver over 100,000 special modules for rental bikes in May and June this year. With the help of the independent power supply provided by the OPES modules, the bikes are able to communicate actively with the lender at all times. As a result, maintenance and logistics concepts can be successfully implemented.

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Four million off-grid modules produced

Berlin 11 April 2018 – The off-grid solar module company OPES Solutions has produced four million modules since the start of manufacturing in 2012. Production will be further expanded in the coming months, including the use of processes and machines developed in-house. In its factory, OPES Solutions processes and optimizes cells from various manufacturers and produces both standard off-grid modules and individually developed module types. Most recently, the company presented the ultra-light O-Lite solar module, which weighs only about a third of conventional products.

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New ultra-light solar module: OPES Solutions reduces module weight by two thirds

Joint development with Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP

Berlin, 5 February 2018 – OPES Solutions, a leading supplier of off-grid solar modules for grid independent power supply, has developed an ultra-light solar module together with the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP. While conventional crystalline solar modules weigh around 60 grams per watt, O-Lite Plus modules weigh only about 20 grams per watt. This corresponds to a weight reduction of two thirds. The costs of the new frameless module in series production are on a par with those of conventional modules.

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Module certificates ensure off-grid quality

11 December 2017 – OPES Solutions, a leading supplier of off-grid solar modules for grid independent power supply, relies on certified products for reliable solar applications. To this end, the company has had its off-grid solar modules with outputs of 0.9 watts and above with mono- and polycrystalline solar cells certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with the IEC 61215 and 61730 standards. Especially for solar home system providers, the use of IEC 61215-tested modules facilitates quality certification for the World Bank’s Lighting Global platform. OPES Solutions is the first company to receive the IEC certification for off-grid modules in this range.

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