Our Story – How everything started

“Around a decade ago, when I was still working with solar power plants in the US and Europe, the young solar industry had clear focus: managing fast growth and getting cost down,” recalls Robert Händel, Founder of OPES Solutions.

Following this development, the solar module is no more the most expensive part of a solar system, and many applications using solar power became realistic and feasible. Support comes from the vast technology improvements in battery and LED technology, with significant improvement of cycle times and energy savings.

However, to develop and integrate small solar modules into such applications, innovative engineering, new material & quality-oriented automated production lines are required.

Unfortunately, while large manufacturers with high degree of automation cannot serve this segment, small ones often lack the engineering know-how about innovative modules, investment and quality controls.

The three founders, a German and two Taiwanese engineers, saw the urgent need for high quality and well-engineered solar application modules for innovative ideas coming up around the world (Pay-as-you go solar home systems, Solar Pico Systems, integrated solar streetlights and solar parking machines to name a few). With the experience of together 60 years in solar cells and modules, we started to rent a line at a manufacturer to serve small customized module orders, then a second line, …until we found ourselves renting the whole factory with our own staff. We learned that this market segment needs its own manufacturing philosophy and equipment to scale up, and new materials will be processed and used.

That was the time we made a business plan, invested and build an own factory which can handle both small batches & high volume of customized solar modules at consistent reliable quality, affordable cost and with high throughput. The same time we started the cooperation with Fraunhofer CSP institute in Germany, to develop new modular ultralightweight modules for the off-grid Solar-Home-System market.

OPES soon became the first manufacturer globally to achieve the high quality standard IEC 61215/61730 certification for off-grid modules to small sizes down to 0.9 Watt.

Today, OPES is the OEM manufacturer for leading off-grid solar companies worldwide.

“We are excited and enthusiastic in leading the way with integrated solar application modules and offering customization services for individual solar needs –two important yet long ignored segments of the industry that could advance people’s life and, hopefully, make the world a little better too,” said Tom Tang, CTO & Co-Founder.

“It has always been challenging to put all features together, but we are very lucky to have lots of great support from our advisors, investors, suppliers, friends, and family.” added Frank Hsu, COO & Co-Founder

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