Client-oriented Solutions

We customize and optimize solar modules regarding

  • Geometry
  • Materials
  • Electrical Layout

How We Work


Kick-Off, Research & Development, Material Science

Every creative solution begins with the complete recognition of the respective use case. We accelerate the development of solar technology by creating new material solutions and possibilities for integration to expand the potential of solar.


Module Design, Product Optimization, Prototyping, Testing

We develop the product that best fits the need. From validating technical specifications to internal or external tests, we engineer the best possible module, whether it’s highly innovative or strictly cost-oriented.


Automated Production, Process Optimization,
Quality Assurance

With ongoing optimization of our mass production processes, we continuously improve on the status quo. Our highly automated manufacturing process ensures consistent quality.


System Integration, Engineering Services,
General Services

We think beyond Solar Modules. If it’s integrated, we also manage the partial or complete assembly or give on-site support with concepts for manufacturing processes. Holistic support of projects includes material sourcing of non-solar components, coordination of suppliers, shipping and logistics or packing solutions.

We produce the modules you need

Applications with our off grid solar panels

  • GPS Tracker
    GPS Tracker
  • Life Ladder
    Life Ladder
  • Parking Meter
    Parking Meter
  • Roof Tiles
    Roof Tiles
  • Sharing Bike
    Sharing Bike
  • Solar Streetlight
    Solar Streetlight

    Every application is different, so we offer a variety of solutions
    to meet every possible requirement.


    Sticker Repellent

    Optimized Low Light Performance


    Easily Integrated

    Hail Resistance

    Screwdriver Wrench

    Easy Installation



    Salt-water Resistance

    Fully Accessible

    Bus Bar Covered

    035 - Creative ThinkingCreated with Sketch.

    Designed as  Required

    Dust Removal


    We constantly research new features... just as we do for clients of our custom modules.

    Our solar modules are customized from
    our various material, design, and integration options
    so that they fit every product.

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    We power your product