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Identifying requirements

A new junction box design that is waterproof (IP64) and provides strain relief without potting.

  • Option to change cables is needed
  • Cables are often damaged by sharp edges of metal roofs or rat bites
  • Cables cannot be replaced due to the potting of the junction box
  • Without potting: no waterproof & poor cable tension
Junction Box
Customer Oriented Engineering

To solve the problems we started a design process with our customer.

  • Strain relief protects the cable
  • Strain relief gives the opportunity to replace cables
  • The lid of the box can be opened and closed for repairs without affecting the tightness
  • Specially designed and enlarged rear side avoids errors in the silicone bonding of the box to the module
  • (A) Waterproof sliding lid without silica glue potting. This can only be opened by trained technicians
  • (B) Strain relief to increase cable pulling force and also with the ability to change the cable
  • (C) Notch, which effectively prevents the glue from overflowing
  • Waterproof (IP 64)
  • Tensile strength increased by 300%
  • Cables can be exchanged


Junction Box Design OPES Solutions

“OPES is one of our most valued partners. This is another great example of product innovation, this time in response to a specific need from our field service organisation.”

Dr Nigel Preston
VP Product Development
Azuri Technologies