Higher Solar Home Systems efficiency thanks to PV Modules with an innovative frame design

Innovative frame design can significantly increase the efficiency of solar home systems by reducing the temperature of solar modules when in use. This has been demonstrated in tests conducted by the off-grid solar module manufacturer OPES Solutions. The company investigated the temperature performance of various PV module and mounting solutions on a typical corrugated sheet metal roof. The material is frequently used in Africa and heats up particularly strongly in sunlight. In tests, the “T-Frame” module developed by OPES Solutions, reduced module temperatures by over 6°C and is now being used by Azuri, one of the market leaders for high-quality Pay-As-You-Go solar technology.

OPES Solutions Launches Lead-Free Soldering in Production

Berlin, December 13, 2019 – OPES Solutions announces the mass production of lead-free soldered solar modules. By achieving lead-free soldering in the manufacturing process, the organization eliminates a harmful but common substance found in many solar production methods. By leading the way in the creation and application of environmentally solar panels, OPES has been able to attract like-minded partners like the social enterprise BioLite who will be using these new panels for the first time in their 2020 products.