Material Expertise


The choice of materials depend on the intended use and mandatory features.
Our team develops and tests new compositions to push the boundaries of solar technology.

Solar Panels
for vehicles

How can the transport sector become more sustainable? Integrated solar is part of the solution.
With Fraunhofer CSP, we have developed panels specifically for use in vehicles.


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Equipment to test custom solar panels


To confirm that customized solar modules are qualified for the specific application, they must be tested under the respective conditions. Each application is exposed to different external factors such as hail, salt spray, heat or even vibration.
We ensure the reliability of our solar modules by testing them comprehensively.

Strength of
crystalline cells

The solar industry mainly processes monocrystalline solar cells for standard panels. Customized solar modules benefit from the progressive and reliable value chain of this industry. We therefore mainly use crystalline cells (PERC, TOPCon or N-Type) and make them meet the requirements of the respective application. The key benefit is that we participate in the continuous improvements in efficiency and costs. Access to an established value chain makes it possible to quickly ramp up production to the level required by the customer.

58 Patents


We accelerate the development of solar technology by creating new material solutions and possibilities for integration to expand the potential of solar.
Our self-developed and patented production and strict quality systems successfully elevate off-grid photovoltaic products to a new level.


Our in-house R&D department and the automation department are the driving force behind the development of new materials, methods and processes. The technical expertise and 360° know-how makes our products and production unique in the industry.
With deep expertise and industrial experience, we develop innovative automation equipment to deliver the efficiency, flexibility and quality required for the production of customized solar modules.

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own-designed automation

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