The LifeLadder of Port-Safety makes harbour fronts safer by addressing two major issues: visibility and maintenance. LifeLadder’s bright-yellow modules make them highly visible in the daytime, while solar-powered LED lights illuminate them at night and thus providing a clear “signpost” to safety.

Identifying requirements
  • Embedded in the top step of the ladder
  • Tough enough to walk on
  • High and consistent quality because it's safety equipment
  • Reliable at latitudes of up to 60°N
LifeLadder_LightUnit_w text
Customer Oriented Engineering
  • Output of 4.3 W
  • 2.5 mm floated glass on the back, making it tough enough to walk on
  • 3.2 mm tempered glass on the front
  • Inner layer of EVA provides the desired black coloring
  • Waterproof and robust Off-Grid Solar Module
  • Seamlessly integrated solar panel
  • Works in harsh environment

“When dealing with safety equipment, quality is crucial.

And we are very pleased with the products supplied by OPES Solutions”

Lars Techt Myrhøj
Operations Director & Founder