LORENTZ technology uses the power of the sun to pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops.
smartTAP Water Dispensers are very simple to use resulting in near instant user adoption. The graphical display uses symbols rather than words and keeps the user informed of the status.

Identifying requirements
  • The existing mounting system is oversized and more cost expensive
  • It cannot be fixed to any pole
  • Transport and installation are cumbersome
old mounting system
Customer Oriented Engineering

To find the best solution we started to develop new options.

  • (A) Use of the same mounting system with T-Frame Solar Panel for better self cleaning
  • (B) Smaller and modular system to reduce material cost and for better transportation
  • (C) Frameless solar panel and glued fixing system on the back for easier installation
  • (D) New fixation with hose clamps for mounting on different pole diameters

We found an optimization for each option. This helped us to create a superior solution that combines all optimisations.

different options for solar module mounting system

A mounting system that can be easily installed with straps on a pole and a flexible attachment to align the solar panel with the sun.

  • Cost effective. 48% savings
  • Fast and easy installation. 70% faster
  • Less maintenance required
solar panel on OPES mounting system

“OPES worked closely with our engineering team to come up with a solution that fitted our requirements for a simple and flexible to install, light weight, easy to transported power solution for the LORENTZ smartTAP Water Dispenser. The resulting efficient PV solution matches well with the efficient design of our dispenser, we are very pleased with this collaboration”

Adrian Honey
Head of Marketing