The Vision
of clean transport

Solar energy accelerates the transition to electric mobility. Vehicle-integrated photovoltaics are the natural next step toward zero emissions. Solar mobility will provide energy on a gigawatt-scale this decade, which means millions of kilometres driven by solar power. That's a huge release for the grid and the charging infrastructure and of course for the environment.

Vision of sustainable Transport



Solar power turns
directly into more kilometres


Make the sun your
charging source


Rely on a backup
power source


Use solar energy to charge
devices or feed into the grid

    made simple

    Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV) supports the transition to electrification of the mobility sector. Our products are developed according to vehicle-specific requirements and customized to perfectly fit.

    Watch the video to learn more about vehicle-integrated solar

    SolFlex - flexible Solar Panel


    • Ideal on curved surfaces due to flexible design and double-sided adhesive tape tested by Fraunhofer CSP
    • Innovative interconnection, integrated bypass diodes and half-cell technology ensure optimum yields even with shading and low irradiation.
    • Withstand extreme environmental conditions or damage caused by stone chips
    • VIPV ready and IMDS qualified for vehicle industry



    • New technology that is fully integrated into the body of cargo boxes
    • It substitutes a complete wall or roof with all its functions and also adds energy generation
    • Weight neutral because it replaces the current wall or roof
    • Adaptable to specific industry norms


    company owned test equipment for solar mobility and integrated solar panels


    Panels for solar mobility must withstand certain requirements. However, there are hardly any standardized tests. Some tests also do not reflect conditions that can arise, for example, in relation to heat. Therefore, we test in-house with our equipment to guarantee the highest quality and durability.
    For pilot vehicles, we provide strong support in terms of expertise, design, test equipment and scenarios.

    Strength of
    crystalline cells

    The solar industry focuses mainly on monocrystalline solar cells. Solar mobility benefits from the progress and reliable value chain of this industry. We therefore process mainly crystalline cells and customize solar elements to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. The great benefit is that we participate on the continuous progress regarding efficiency as well as costs and have access to an established value chain to scale quickly.

    vehicle integrated solar panel for solar mobility

    Support for
    System integration

    We work with strong partners from the automotive industry to integrate our solar elements into the battery and energy management system of vehicles.

    More Reach
    with Solar Integration

    Icon light electric vehicle with Integrated solar panel for solar mobility

    Light E-Vehicle

    • Up to 50 km extra per day
    • Significant reduction of charging frequency

    Vans & Trucks

    • Up to 100% energy demand covered for refrigeration
    • Tail-Lift and other applications are covered
    • Free range for electric vehicles


    • Up to 100% coverage of the auxiliary system
    • Standby power without running the engine
    • Extended range for electric busses


    • Several days of autonomy
    • No empty batteries anymore