PET / ETFE and Structured Foam


Light-weight sandwich elements with PV that replaces existing elements.


It is used in light-weight Special Purpose Vehicles where we replace existing sandwich elements with Photovoltaic elements.
It may also be feasible in other industries where foam sandwiches are used (boats, caravans, windmills, to name a few).


  • Light-weight
  • Ideal Integration


We designed and developed this product type with Fraunhofer CSP.This technology might be right for you if you already use light-weight sandwich elements in your construction and need to add an energy source to your device. By replacing your existing elements with PV-elements, you can add a new feature with almost no increase in weight.


  • We can customize this module structure to different shapes and sizes.
  • These modules can be manufactured from 10 Watts up to 300 Watts.