We think beyond solar modules

Material Science & Research

To accelerate innovation with materials, we have formed a cooperative partnership with the Fraunhofer CSP Institute in Germany.

Product Design & Prototyping

We validate the requirements and create an innovative, practical and efficient solution that considers the module and everything that goes with it.

Quality Assurance & Optimization

Our quality control systems and processes for continuous optimization in manufacturing, technology, and materials ensure ongoing improvement.
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Standard Series

Carefully designed solar modules with proven design for ready-to-use customers

Custom Series

Individually engineered solar panels to meet required specifications

Insights from our

  • Finding capable suppliers in the off-grid space is a challenge as the industry is relatively young and lacks maturity in a number of areas. With OPES, we have been fortunate to find a partner that aligns well with our needs and aspirations in innovation, quality, and delivery performance. In particular, we appreciate having a supplier that does not require constant supervision to ensure product quality is maintained and responds in a professional manner in the event that problems occur.

    Dr Nigel Preston
    VP Product Management
    Azuri Technologies

  • OPES is one of those rare manufacturing success stories where a focus on the customer, patience and a commitment to ongoing improvement pays off. In an industry (solar modules) characterized by price wars, quality management issues, and cycles of shortage and glut, OPES has proven itself an indispensable asset in what was once a very niche space. They wisely invested over time in automation and quality management, and the industry grew up around them. Robert, Alan, and the team have always been eager to receive feedback and have never said no to a challenge. When most manufacturers multiply their costs any time a customer wants to deviate from the commodity, OPES embraces innovation.

    Joshua Pierce
    CTO / Co-Founder

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